# Customer identification handling

# Introduction

Some countries require additional customer identification information. The information all has different abbreviations like CPF, CI and, CUI. Cloudprinter.com handles this information as part of the delivery address information in the optional parameter "customer_identification".

# Requirements

The following list shows the requirements of the "customer_identification" information.

Country Country code Requirement Format
Brazil BR CPF code, 11 digits, required for orders with delivery address in BR 000.000.000-00

# Where to include the information

As part of the delivery address object, add the additional field customer_identification containing the customer identification information required for the specific country. Follow the format defined in the table above.

Here is an example of CPF for Brazil.

Example JSON address section

    "addresses": [
            "type": "delivery",
            "company": "Example company",
            "firstname": "Example firstname",
            "lastname": "Example lastname",
            "street1": "Example street 1234",
            "zip": "99999",
            "city": "Example city",
            "country": "BR",
            "email": "email@example.com",
            "phone": "12345678",
            "customer_identification": "000.000.000-00"