# Getting started as a print partner

On this page you will find all the necessary information to get started as a Cloudprinter.com print partner.

# Table of content

# Summary

Cloudprinter.com enables communities, businesses and enterprises to send any print job, data or content to the Cloudprinter API and Production handler for worldwide creation and fulfillment or print products.

Customers can integrate with the Cloudprinter API and manage and route orders to print partners across the world on multiple criteria and routing rules.

Cloudprinter.com is building the global print network by selecting qualified and experienced printers to connect as a print & fulfillment production partner.

# The Basics

# Customer segments

Three different subscription options are currently being offered to customers. Each of them have an direct impact how orders are routed, and pricing and contracts is arranged.

####Starter A number of products based on pre-defined templates for a fixed price worldwide.

# Businesses

A number of products based on pre-defined templates for a transparent price (E.q., the price set by the print partner) and a job fee for using the Cloudprinter.com platform.

# Enterprise

Pre-defined templates plus the ability to create own templates. Pricing is set and agreed between Customer and Printer and Cloudprinter.com is used as the pure API service.

# Order routing

Starter and Businesses customers have the same routing profiles and algorithms to determine to which print partner the orders is being routed to. Orders from an Enterprise customers are routed based on the routing rules and options the Enterprise customer has configured.

# Order algorithms

The order algorithm is the sum of different parameters like Performance (SLA), Tier level, Shipping options and destinations.

# Performance

The Performance is measured by the Cloudprinter.com platform on production parameters like average production time, quality of test and ghost orders, reprints and returns.

# Tier levels

Cloudprinter.com uses Tier Levels as a part of the order routing algorithm. The higher the Tier level the more orders are being routed to the print partner. Tier levels are including the availability of equipment and redundancy, press models, production performance and product quality.

# Pricing

The price of the products and product options are set in the admin panel by the print partners. Price level is an important part of the order routing but not the only one. Low pricing with low performance or a low Tier level have the risk of getting limited amount of orders. We advise to use sharp pricing but with a certain space to adjust in case orders are being routed to other partners with lower pricing and higher performance.

# Shipping

Cloudprinter.com has pre-defined the common used logistics providers in the platform. Most shipping options comes with multiple options like priority, next day etc. On request local providers can be included. Shipping is provided by the print partner.

For shipping price quotes to be accurate, it is crucial that the right weight for each product including packaging is specified in advance. This is done by the print partner in the admin system.

A crucial part of shipping is defining the right weight in advance of our print partners.

# Payment terms for Starter & Business orders

Print & Ship cost of the print partners can be invoiced every 30 days to Cloudprinter.com. Payments are made by Cloudprinter.com in net 45 calendar days. Enterprise customers are invoiced by print partner directly based on their mutual agreed prices and conditions.

# Agreements

For the Starter & Business subscription customers Cloudprinter.com signs an master print fulfillment agreement with the print partner. For Enterprise customers the print partner signs a direct agreement with the customer and Cloudprinter.com is not a party involved in this agreement.

# Quality & Performance

# Production days

Production days start from the time the order was delivered to the print partner from the Cloudprinter.com platform. Currently all order production time level is 3 days, counted as 72 hours. Cloudprinter.com counts the complete calendar week as production days.

# Errors while in production

In case a production error is detected during the production process, the print partner can send an automatic error signal including the expected delay for doing an internal reprint of the specific order. This will ensure that the error will not cause a delay in production performance as long it is a about specific orders.

# Cancellation in production

For items that can not be produced a cancellation is required. An item canceled signal is used for this. The signal includes a predefined cancellation cause and a custom description of the issue. Cancellation is eg. used when the PDF file cannot be ripped or the PDF file is a wrong size.

# Production or Transport errors

Customers can place a reprint of the order if the product have production errors or damages from transport. A reason of the reprint will be provided in the order details as well a more detailed description. Errors in this category cannot be invoiced by the print partner. Reprint requests should be made by customers not later than 30 days of day of the shipping signal.

# Product Quality

Cloudprinter.com asses frequently the quality of the products, packaging and delivery times by placing ghost orders at print partners across the globe. Cloudprinter.com place these orders at own cost.

# Online Dashboard

Cloudprinter.com is designed and build on a set of core API's. All functionality can be accessed by API calls to the platform or by the online dashboard at www.cloudprinter.com.

# Home Dashboard

The homepage of the dashboard provides cockpit data of the orders, performance and production sites (In case a print partner runs multiple sites).

# CloudInsights

With the work in progress tools the print partner gets a quick overview of the order statuses. Multiple filter options on account, sites etc. are available. The provided data is also available as a downloadable CSV.

# Production Interfaces

Production interfaces are used for the order delivery to the production site of the print partner. Here the print partner can set on which protocol and method used for the order data delivery from the cloudprinter.com platform.

Multiple production interfaces can be created by a print partner. As example a Digital press location and a remote large format production site under the same print partner account and login.

The method to integrate is "Cloudprinter order API JSON v2.1."

Cloudprinter.com advise JSON 2.1. to have the most recent integration method available.

After creating the production interface the platform will show the API key which is used for the order integration.

# CloudSignal API Interfaces

Cloudsignal API interfaces are endpoints at Cloudprinter.com for the signals from the print partner. The more signals are implemented, the better a performance indication Cloudprinter.com can make. At least one CloudSignal interface per account is required.

# Production capabilities

At the production capabilities the print partner selects which equipment, paper types and which finishing options are available at the print partners. This is a crucial part of the order routing process.

# Cloudprinter products

Here the print partner can specify the pricing for the Cloudprinter.com products. Each product contains description how to price the specific parts of an end-product and the related weight for shipping.

# Shipping methods

At the shipping methods, the available shipping options and the related reference name for the production site can be created. Enable the supported shipping options, download the CSV template, set the prices and upload the CSV file again to import the prices.

# Orders

The actual detailed list of all orders in production. As signals comes in from the print partner, the order status will update. If the print partners needs the order delivered again, it's also done here.

# CloudCore API & CloudSignal integration

Cloudprinter.com provides actual and detailed manuals and description of production interface and signal integration here Cloudprinter order API JSON v2.1 and CloudSignal API

# Testing the integration

After end integration, a testing period is started. Coudprinter.com provides a number of easy to use test cases for the initial testing. Together with Cloudprinter.com, the final testing is performed.

# Go Live and start to receive orders

When the parameters in the dashboard are set and the CloudCore API & CloudSignal integration is done, an integration test order run can be done by the print partner. This will generate a test order of each select product in quantity 1. When the integration test order are approved by the print partner, a product test orders run can be made, when that is printed and approved by the print partner it need to be send to Cloudprinter.com product assessment team for approval of the print partner account. This takes no longer then 24 hours faster receiving the test orders.