# Enfocus Switch integration

For Switch 2018 and higher Cloudprinter.com has developed a set of 6 apps for fast and easy integration. The apps are found in the Enfocus Appstore, look for "Cloudprinter.com Integration" or Click here

# Requirements

Before you start please make sure you meet these requirements:

  • Switch version 2018 or higher
  • Have a Cloudprinter print partner account
  • Have a signed agreement, and have given product and shipping pricing
  • Have an internet router that can forward a public port to your local Switch server

# The Cloudprinter app for Enfocus Switch

The Cloudprinter app for Enfocus Switch contains a bundle of 6 separate apps, each designed to solve a specific task.

Field Value
Cloudprinter Receive Order Receive the orders from the Switch server webhook service.
Cloudprinter Order Register When you have validated the order content and e.g. have imported the data to your ERP system, then this app is used to send the ItemRegistered signal to Cloudprinter.com. This indicates that you have accepted the order and was able to import it into your system.
Cloudprinter Item Download The production PDF files needs to be downloaded from the Cloudprinter.com system and validated, this is all handled by this app.
Cloudprinter Item Shipped When the item is packed and a tracking number has been assigned, this app is called to signal the shipped state, shipping option and tracking code to Cloudprinter.
Cloudprinter Item Error If you experience a production error that you can recover from, e.g. by printing a new cover etc., call this app to signal that an error occurred and we know that the order might be delayed.
Cloudprinter Item Cancel In case you can not produce an item and therefore have to cancel the item, call this app. The rest of the order is produced and shipped as normal. A cancellation cause and description are required. The cause codes are found here: Print partner cancellation causes

# Configurations in the Cloudprinter dashboard

Two configurations are needed in the Cloudprinter Dashboard

  • A "Production Interface"
  • A "CloudSignal API Interface"

Both are found as menu options when you are logged in to the Cloudprinter admin dashboard.

# Production Interface

The public port you decided to use also needs to be set up in the Cloudprinter.com system. For integration and test an HTTP connection is fine, but for live production HTTPS with TLS encryptions is required.

Here is an example of the configuration with HTTP:

Field Value
Production interface mode Test mode - Used for test orders
Production interface method Post XML to API Cloudprinter v2.1
Protocol HTTP
Host mydomain.com:51080/cloudprinter/add
Username (leave blank)
Password (leave blank)
ACL The IP addresses from where you will access cloudprinter

When the Production Interface is created, an API key is generated. See "API Keys" section.

Note: The port number defined in the "Host" parameter has to match the port you forward on your internet router to your Enfocus Switch server.

# CloudSignal API Interface

Signals back to Cloudprinter from the Cloudprinter Switch Apps are generated and pushed automatically by the apps. All 6 apps for Enfocus Switch generate signals and automatically push these signals back to Cloudprinter.com as needed.

You just have to create a CloudSignal API Interface to receive the signals. When the Production Interface is created, an API key is generated. See "API Keys" section.

# API Keys

Two API keys are needed for the Cloudprinter admin dashboard. One from the "Production Interface" and one from the "CloudSignal API Interface".

The API keys are added as Properties on the "Cloudprinter Receive Order" app.

"CloudCore API key" is from the "Production Interface" and "CloudSignal API key" is from the "CloudSignal API Interface".

# Signal back to Cloudprinter

For Cloudprinter to keep track of the orders and to deliver tracking signals back to the client signals are used.

The following required signals are implemented by the apps:

Signal Description
ItemRegistered Handled by the "Cloudprinter Receive Order" app.
ItemShipped Handled by the "Cloudprinter Item Shipped" app.
ItemError Handled by the "Cloudprinter error signal" app.
ItemCanceled Handled by the "Cloudprinter cancel signal" app.

More signals are supported by the Cloudprinter solution, but only the above mentioned four signals are required at this time.

# Testing your integration

# Own testing

While you build the Cloudprinter apps into your existing Switch flow, you will need some test orders. Test orders can be created from the Cloudprinter admin dashboard in the area called "Test Center". Create as many test orders as you need. They are processed and delivered to your system in 3-5 minutes.

# Cloudprinter acceptance test

Before you can get your production online there is a number of different test cases you will have to go through in cooperation with Cloudprinter. Please contact us when you are ready for this.