Register your app

Before your app can use OAuth2 authentication against API's you app needs to be registered with

We need this information

The followin information is needed for the app registration

The name of the app64 chars
A short description of the app.256 chars
A link to your app page with more tails on the app and its use256 chars
A link to the app logo or a logo file. Min 100x100px, max size 200x200px.256 chars
The OAuth2 redirect link256 chars

Where to register

Write an email to with the information mentioned above and we will create the app in the system.

Once created we will provice you with the client_id and client_secret for your application.

Getting live

When the development and test process of your app is done we validate the functionallity of your app, once aproved we enable it in our Marketplae and open for live use.

The Marketplace

You app should be easy to find and we have therefor created a Marketplace for app integrating with Cloudprinter. Once your app has been aproved by us, we will list it on the Marketplace.