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Understanding product mixes

This guide explains the concept of Product Mixes.

What is Product Mixes

Some call it SKU, PLU or packages. We call it Product Mixes, and it is basically just a product with a full set of options.

An ISBN title is always printed on the same trim size and with the same binding method, paper options etc. CloudPublish can therefore directly link a Product Mix to your ISBN title, and in this way simplify the order process.

A Product Mix is predefined, has a simple reference name and all required information about a product. This is trim size, binding type, paper type, and finishing.

Product Mixes are linked directly to the titles, so each time a title is ordered, CloudPublish already knows which Product Mix to use, meaning which product and with which options.

Where to set the Product Mix

Product Mixes are set on the title when that is added to a catalog. The product mix is set via the product_mix_reference

Where do I find the Product Mixes

CloudPublish API has Product Mixes directly available.

  • The "products/mixes" endpoint provides a complete list of Product Mixes available.
  • The "products/mixes/info" endpoint provides detailed information on a specific Product Mix.

The admin dashboard also provides the same level of information.