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CloudPublish API base definitions

A number of base definitions and types are used in the CloudPublish API. Here is an overview of the definitions and types, as well as there use cases.

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Price unit types

Price units are used by the CloudPublish system in price calculations. Each price unit type has their own method of calculation.

When prices are calculated by CloudPublish multiple prices can be combined. An example could be pr item price and a pr quantity. The pr item price would act as a starting price, and the pr quantity is the items price.

Reference Description
price_unit_pr_order Once for an order - The value is calculated once for an order.
price_unit_pr_item Once for each item in an order - The value is calculated in once for the item in the order.
price_unit_pr_quantity For each item quantity - The value is calculated for each quantity of an item in an order.
price_unit_pr_page For each page in the product - The value is calculated for each page in a book and multiplied with the quantity of the item.
price_unit_pr_book For each book, no pages included - The value is calculated once for the item in the order. Only used for the base price of books.

State definitions

This tables lists the possible order states used by the solution.

Order states
1 Order is new and not processed
5 Order is being verified
6 Order has been verified
7 Order verification error
10 Order files are being downloaded
11 Order files download error
15 Order files has been downloaded
30 Order is being rendered
31 Order render error
32 Order has been rendered
33 Order file is being distributed
34 Order file has been distributed
35 Order file distribute error
37 Order file is being created
38 Order file has been created
39 Order file create error
40 Order files are being uploaded
41 Order files upload error
45 Order files has been uploaded
100 Order complete - All items in the order has been shipped or delivered
500 Order has been canceled
501 Sandbox order processing complete

Shipping levels

Shipping levels are used to indicate the shipping service level on orders where a quote hash is not used. If a Shipping service is not available on the level specified, a higher level is used. A higher level is also used if the higher level is cheaper than the requested level.

Reference Description
cp_fast Express fast - Tracked
cp_saver Express saver - Tracked
cp_ground Express ground - Tracked
cp_postal Postal - Untracked